Divide and squander: Dutton wants seven nuclear power plants, the first by 2035

Imagine being able to call a press conference and just make stuff up for half an hour on the most important policy challenge of our time. Thats what Peter Dutton and his colleagues just did.

The plan was outlined by Dutton and other senior members of the Coalition at a press conference in Canberra on Wednesday morning, and the pitch opened with an outright lie: Dutton’s claim that the Australian Energy Market Operator says renewables will lead to “a greater likelihood of blackouts and brownouts.”

In fact, AEMO has made it very, very clear that the opposite it true, and that the biggest and most costly danger to Australia’s energy security is keeping coal-fired power stations online, which is the Coalition’s stated intention.

But the Coalition nuclear strategy is not based on facts. It’s a populist appear to votes and the media release and presser were strong on rhetoric – and scare campaigns about the lights going out – and short on detail.


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