Right now there is a serious push to promote nuclear power in Australia. After years of climate inaction and denial the federal Coalition is now talking up nuclear as the way forward.

The exaggerated claims of the nuclear promoters ignore clear evidence that nuclear is the slowest and most expensive energy option. The Coalition’s nuclear plan is not only wildly unrealistic – it is also deeply irresponsible. Nuclear is a costly distraction from effective climate action.

It risks delaying – and even derailing – the sensible, considered and speedy transition to renewables needed to protect the environment and safeguard our future. The good news is that Australia’s electricity generators and financers are joining the community and refusing to buy the nuclear hype.

Every previous nuclear push has failed to deliver and this one is looking no different. And it needs to fail as we don’t have time to waste on false promises and more climate denial and delay. The reality is, if you’re promoting nuclear, you are perpetuating fossil fuels.

Our shared energy future is renewable, not radioactive: Don’t Nuke the Climate!

No solution: nukes and climate in under three minutes

This short video looks at the issues of nuclear power covering, cost, scale, waste, weapons and safety. It outlines why nuclear power is not a solution to the climate crisis we face. With the uncertain climate future we face nuclear becomes even more dangerous and unreliable.