Where is Peter Dutton proposing to build nuclear power stations? That’s a complicated question, because the Liberals and Nationals have delayed announcing proposed locations. However they’ve dropped plenty of clues: they are targeting areas where coal plants have either recently closed or are due to close in coming years, to take advantage of existing electricity transmission. “If there’s a retiring coal asset, so there’s a coal fired generator that’s already got an existing distribution network, the wires and poles are already there to distribute the energy across the network into homes and businesses, that’s really what we’re interested in,” Mr Dutton told the ABC in March 2024.

The table and map below assesses the nation’s coal fired power fleet, with their estimated (or actual) closure dates. This gives us a short-list of where the Liberals and Nationals are likely to target. For now Peter Dutton has proposed the communities that are highlighted.

Summary table: existing and recently retired coal fired power.

The campaign against nuking the climate is working with eight key communities, to make sure we don’t get played off against each other. Each of these regions deserves a clean energy future, a future that is renewable and not radioactive.

  • Don’t nuke Collie
  • Don’t nuke the Hunter
  • Don’t nuke the Central Coast
  • Don’t nuke Gippsland
  • Don’t nuke Central Queensland
  • Don’t nuke Port Augusta