35th anniversary of Chernobyl .

The 35th Anniversary of Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster comes as there is renewed pressure around the globe to go nuclear. For more information about the hype and to bust the myths about nuclear power see our myth-busting page. Chernobyl is a stark reminder of the unacceptably high risks and high costs of nuclear power. The Electrical Trades Union today launched a new website and an online action calling for the continuation of the prohibition on nuclear power.

It is important to understand the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl is still a disaster. The meltdown and radioactive material is an ongoing disasters and strategies to manage the radiation and the risk are short term. There is still no long term solution, no final price tag and no clear and uncontested cost to the people who once called Pripyat home. This video shows the “New Safe Confinement” in place which has a life span of just 100 years and outlines the possible plans to clean the radioactive material at the site which has a life span of many thousands of years.