Who thinks nuclear power for Australia is a good idea? Who is gearing up to defeat it at all costs? What are the political alliances, where is local community sentiment at, and what happens when we follow the money to see what’s really going on here?

Some of these questions will take months to play out, but in the meantime let’s briefly survey who is lining up on which side of the debate: FOR and AGAINST.

1. The entirety of the Australian climate and environment movement

In early 2024, as it became clearer that Mr Dutton was serious, all major national climate and environment groups restated their long-standing opposition to nuclear power.

A link to the statement is here.

2. The Government

The Albanese Government has been pretty clear from the get-go that nuclear will play no part in Australia’s energy transition.

3. The Australian Greens

The Australian Greens have been staunchly anti-nuclear since their formation, and are not for turning.

4. Victorian Liberal opposition leader John Pesutto

One of the first Liberal leaders to repudiate Dutton’s nuclear push, and good on him.

5. Queensland LNP opposition leader David Crisafulli

David hedged his bets a little, but his comments are hardly an endorsement of Dutton’s direction and are actually pretty funny – see what you think.

6. Former Liberal energy Minister Matt Kean

Matt Kean has form on energy policy and has done the numbers. It’s a no from Matt.

1. Peter Dutton and most of the Liberals and Nationals

Some of them have the glazed appearance of lemmings being led over a policy cliff, but Dutton and his energy spokes Ted O’brien appear to be true believers.

2. The Institute of Public Affairs.

The oldest of the Atlas Network-affiliated neoliberal extremist think tanks in Australia, so of course they’re pro-nuclear. Of course.

3. The Centre for Independent Studies

For reasons unknown, this Atlas Network-affiliated think tank has employed four researchers to push nuclear power and create doubt about renewables. Slow clap, guys.

4. CPAC Australia

These weird US Republican-aligned creeps have very few active ‘campaigns’ as such, but nuclear power is one of them. Go figure.

5. The Minerals Council of Australia

The MCA used to be pretty full-throttle on nuclear; their enthusiasm seems to have dimmed somewhat in recent years but it still features in their list of ‘priorities’

6. The Murdoch press

Anything that gets in the way of renewable energy is fine with the media oligarchs, and none more so than Rupert Murdoch.