Dutton confirms nuclear push and climate denial go hand in hand: The pretence has gone

Here it is, mask off: Dutton intends to use nuclear power as a weapon to kill renewable energy.

So, let there now be no doubt or confusion: Opposition leader Peter Dutton has confirmed that his Coalition’s push for nuclear energy is inextricably linked with his party’s implacable denial of climate science. The pretence that it is anything else is now gone.

Dutton’s interview with The Weekend Australian published on Saturday makes two important concessions: That nuclear energy is very slow, and cannot feasibly be deployed in Australia before the mid 2040s. It also proves that he is ready and willing to rip up the Paris climate target – and sacrifice the country’s economic future – in the name of his energy dogma.

Australians should not be surprised, but they ought to be appalled, and terrified. The science is absolutely clear, the world is on track to blow the carbon budget that could hold average global warming below 1.5°C over the next five years. The world is already close to 1.5°C and the impact are being felt.


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